Dualis Experiences

What are Dualis Training Experiences?

They are a more effective training style that combines different types of learning, so that you internalize the knowledge and can apply it more easily. We call them “experiences” because they are full of interactive activities, team dynamics, games, role plays, and challenging learning. People will learn complex subjects in a simple way like they have never experienced before.

Testimonial About Our Training Experiences:

"The perfect combination for success not only in sales but in life ... the training put everything under a new perspective for me, to be a better sales representative and a better person. Faith and enthusiasm will be my motto. " - Rafael Jimenez, Jengimiel Laboratories Sales Representative.


For whom is this training NOT intended to?

This training is not for conformists, followers or closed minded people.


Next Series of Dualis Experiences:

You are invited to the next Dualis series of experiences (workshops) beginning on September 3rd, 2013 featuring innovative and effective techniques to make your business transcend. This training will be delivered in Spanish  at Millenia Atlantic University (soon this training will also be delivered in English). For more information and registration please contact: admissions@maufl.edu or 786-331-1000 / 786-354-3841.


Following there are some highlights of this training:


September 4th, 2013: How to achieve a transcending organization (9:30am to 4:30pm)

Learn from the best. How to be different today. The key to the new leadership 3.0: Heart, Mind and Spirit. How to make your business grow by engaging its people. The art of manifesting income. How to have a winning business model (it includes real inspiration and goal visualization). Identify whether you are a Rational or a Vibrational Manager with our Dualis Test. It includes dynamics.


September 25th, 2013: Show me the money (9:30am to 4:30pm)

Learn how to be more productive with your time and resources. Strategies for reducing costs. How to achieve double-digit growth. Interpret your financial reality and your cash flow. How to identify hidden costs. How to do more with less. How to extend your third parties’ money. How to identify customers that are not profitable. How to know when to look for financing. It includes exercises.


October 31th, 2013: Do not leave for tomorrow what you can sell today (9:30am to 4:30pm)

Planning and targeting (target customers). How to develop the Gift of finding opportunities. The art of persuasion. Social Media for Business Developers. Improving your sales pitch. How to develop your secret sauce to sell more. How to take advantage of your business contacts. The art of opening and closing new accounts. How to negotiate with difficult customers. This training includes Role Plays and Dynamics.


November 13, 2013: Do not mess with your family (Family Businesses) (9:30am to 4:30pm)

How to define the path to success for a family business. How to deal with informality. How to separate business interests from family interests. How to develop quality standards to ensure the legacy. The transition process within the family business. What is succession planning. The skills needed to run a family business today. How to manage the emotional transition of the next generation. It includes activities and case studies.


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Additional Dualis Experiences:

We have also provided other courses such as:

  • Business Developers optimization and Sales techniques
  • Business Capabilities improvement: Finance for commercial people, Cost to serve, how to improve the business model, Risk assessments.
  • Corponeur: Training program to develop entrepreneurial capabilities within organization. Think like Entrepreneurs, Act like corporations
  • Business Planning and Strategy: How to develop and implement robust strategic planning.
  • Marketing 3.0: How to incorporate Heart, Mind and Spirit to your approach to your clients. Value-centric marketing
  • Shake it out: Training program to improve process and communication among business areas. 
  • How to create  Enchanted Clients
  • And many other seminars and training programs

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