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What Rational and Emotional Mean to Our Consulting Services:

It is said that the right hemisphere of the Neocortex is in control of emotionality, creativity, intuition, parallel thinking, and the so called vibe, which goes from the whole to the detail. On the other hand, it is said that the left hemisphere is the one that handles all the rational aspects of the brain, controlling logic, sequential thinking, thus going from the detail to the whole. However, recent studies indicate that the brain is activated as a whole when required to completing a rational or an emotional thought; which provides us with a very good reason to understand the character of the individuals.


At Dualis we understand very well the impact of balancing these two greater managerial styles, since it is the basis of all our consulting programs and the origin of our name: Dualis is a Latin word that means management of duality.


For instance, we may work with a customer who is more towards the end of the rational-logical side; thus, he or she is more skeptical and focused on processes, calculations, numbers, return of investment, and logic. This customer is a Rational Manager. Rational leaders are extremely realistic, good for financial calculations, not very open to change, with a great focus on action, conservative, and not too much of a dreamer. Generally, these leaders plan before implementing. The motto of these customers is “seeing is believing”, as St. Thomas.


On the other end, we may work with customers who are much more emotional, intuitive, and creative. These leaders care about their people and understanding the emotions of their team; these customers are motivators and generally more daring in their visualization, which sometimes may lead to implementing actions without planning them through. This leader may be classified as a Vibrational Manager, since the vibe that comes from things is more important for them than just the mere numbers. Thus, the motto of these customers would be “believing is seeing.”


Dualis’ purpose in all its consulting solutions is to achieve the perfect balance between reason and vibration so that the customer receives the best of both worlds. Also we strive to raise awareness regarding this vital balance in the leaders from the companies to which we offer our services.


To Dualis a balanced leader is competent in using the tools from each end when circumstances warrant. For example, if there were a possible financial crisis in the company, this requires a leader able to connect with people to lower their anxiety and maintain motivation. But this situation also requires that the leader is aware of the need to rationally analyze the economic impact of the crisis and take immediate steps to prevent more issues.


Thus, the leader who Dualis proposes is a manager who dares to lead and understand the style of those who surround them; a leader who knows how to handle the impact of their decisions and who also effectively combines visualization and action to achieve success.


When you hire us and see the results of our comprehensive reason and vibration approach, you will understand and value even more what we are referring to. 

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